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We are a digital learning company working with leading universities and employers to design and deliver digital skills training programmes, that help you succeed in today’s fast-evolving global tech industry.

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About Skills U

At Skills U you'll learn and collaborate on real portfolio projects, and connect with a global community of industry instructors, mentors and thought leaders.

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Our Skills Courses

Designed from the ground up to help you launch a high-growth career in 24-weeks.


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UX/UI Design

Accelerate from beginner to professional UX/UI designer in 24 weeks. Study online, part-time, as you learn the essential skills needed to design user-centric product interfaces, conduct usability testing, and develop interactive prototypes. You'll complete real-world client projects, collaborate effectively in product teams and launch a high-growth career as a UX/UI designer.

Accreditation Partner: 
Postgraduate Certificate 60 credits
24 Weeks Part-Time
Career Outcome:
UX/UI Designer

Software Engineering

Accelerate from beginner to professional software engineer in 24 weeks. Study online, part-time, as you learn the essential skills and techniques needed to code your own web applications. You’ll complete real-world client projects, learn to collaborate effectively in product teams and prepare to launch a high-growth career as a full-stack developer.

Accreditation Partner: 
Postgraduate Certificate 60 credits
24 Weeks Part-Time
Career Outcome:
Software Engineer

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How Skills U works

Skills U has been designed specifically to provide a world-class online, part-time, active learning experience.


Skills Courses are delivered remotely through virtual classrooms and learning experience platforms.

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Lessons are scheduled to fit alongside work or other commitments, with around 20 study hours per week.

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Active Learning

You will follow an industry-curated curriculum, learning through real portfolio projects in peer cohorts.

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"I can honestly say it has been one of the best courses I have taken in my career to date"

"Very well structured, guiding you make your first wireframes and prototypes. The instructors were very knowledgeable and responsive and delivered a very detailed course which covered a lot of information. Thank you for the great teaching."

Rosemarry Ng
Developer at Google

Project completed in UXUI Design course

Why Join Skills U?


World-Class Skills Coaches

Your class instructors are experienced industry leaders, having worked on real-world projects in startups and large corporations.

University Accreditation

Skills Courses are fully validated by the university. Employers and institutions worldwide will value your capabilities.

Online Community

Learn online alongside Skills Coaches and classmates in the local Skills U community, or reach out into our global alumni network.

Industry Mentorship

As well as our Skills Coaches, you'll be introduced to leading practitioners in their fields, helping you to build your professional network.

Learning Centre

Discover great content to grow your skills in Design, Development and Marketing.

The Degree Is Not The Destination: Meet Wingkei Hoang

"I used to have the notion that life wasn't going to get any better, so I should just settle, and not even bother trying to reach for more. These days I feel I'm at the peak of my life."


Everything You Need To Know To Get Into UX/UI Design

Are you UX career curious or bursting to become a designer? Unsure if you've got what it takes or ready to start but not sure where? We cover the career pathing and study routes in our latest guide.


Determination Is All You Need: Meet UX Graduate Hengky Stephano

Where there's a will, there's a way. And where there's determination, there's Hengky Stephano. A graphic designer from Indonesia, Hengky now works as a UX/UI consultant in Singapore.‍


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From beginner to industry-ready professional in just 24-weeks of immersive evening and weekend training.


Upcoming Events

These events are hosted by your SkillsCoaches, as well as inspirational guest speakers from leading technology companies.

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Workshop: Code Your First Webpage | Skills Union

As part of this FREE one-hour workshop, you'll learn the basic building blocks of a website and how to style them. No previous coding experience needed.


Workshop: How To Develop SEO-Friendly Content | Skills Union

As part of this FREE one-hour workshop, we'll show you how to create search-friendly content tailored to your industry vertical, using a proven framework.