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Discover Skills U reviews from our digital skills courses' global alumni.

Hui Shang Toh

Highly recommend this course for creatives looking to expand their expertise or people who are interested in designing for experiences. More than the research & design skills, it helps to boost your confidence through various presentations.

Mohamed Nasri

Skills U's UX program is a holistic course that touches on every aspect of UX with a strong emphasis on human centered approach. I particularly liked how we progressed through the contents of the course by tying everything back to our capstone project.

Simond Chew

This course covers almost everything there is to know about UX discipline as well as UI design. The instructors are knowledgeable with years of working experience.

Hengky Stephano

I'm glad I found this course at a time when I was thinking about expanding my horizons as a graphic designer in the midst of an uncertain pandemic situation. Not only good course materials but capstone project selection at the beginning of the course also makes it easier for students to apply the training material.

Sebastian Lim

"“Stay hungry, stay foolish”... I simply love this quote from the late Steve Jobs because it constantly reminds me that one should not be content with any existing knowledge or skill that one may have."

Sim Poh Teck
UX Designer

"'One is never too old to learn', or rather '活到老,学到老', is what comes to mind when I think of lifelong learning. Learning doesn't stop at the moment when one graduates, but rather it signifies a new start in a never-ending learning journey."

Selina Patra
UX Researcher / Designer

"The key takeaway was Design Thinking. Empathizing with your audience and taking an iterative approach will be relevant for any work scenario in the future."

Chia Sze Yee
UI/UX Designer

"It was a good experience overall. The lessons conducted by the instructors helped to lay a strong foundation for me to break into UX. There were also talks by some professionals in the field that allowed us to get a glimpse of how it’s like to work in the UX field."

Marcus Siew
UX/UI Designer

"It was great to have a panel of UX professionals coming in from different backgrounds and experiences to coach us. Apart from the theoretical knowledge that was imparted, their common understanding and advice on certain topics gave us a more balanced and realistic view of the workings of the UX industry."

Rosemarry Ng

"I have just completed the UXPM course and I can honestly say it has been one of the best courses I have taken in my career to date. Very good structured course to help and guide you make your first wireframes and prototype. The instructors were very knowledgeable and responsive. They also delivered a very detailed course which covered a lot of information. Thank you for the great teaching."

Juddee Legaspi Torres
UX|UI Designer

"Skills Union has equipped me with the necessary skill sets to dive into the UX world with confidence. Whether you're new to UX or career switching, their program customises and adapts to the cohort needs. Coupled with industry-experienced mentors, Skills Union is simply a gold standard in UX learning and much more!"

Kwek Yao Wei
UX Researcher, Designer, Writer

"Someone once told me that studying a UX course was pointless—but they never studied under Skills Union. Here, I found great mentors who truly care about my understanding of the material, and more importantly, push me to become a well-rounded, ethical, and driven UX professional."

Judith Ann Kumar
UX/UI Design

"The six month UXPM program was not at all like what I expected it to be. Aside from the meticulously structured curriculum that gave me, a career switcher, a really good grasp of the fundamentals of UX design, it also allowed me the opportunity to explore my existing talents and apply them where I can."

Selina Patra
UX/UI Design Graduate

"It was great to learn from working professionals as they shared real-world examples, as well as the coaching for my CV, Linkedin and design portfolio to present the best professional side of myself in job applications.

Tan Meng Jun
UX/UI Design Graduate

"I cannot thank you enough for giving me this invaluable opportunity to learn from you. I have grown a lot during this time, not only as a UX/UI Designer but also as a more confident person."