UX Design Course

Jump into the world of UX and design thinking and learn how to create design experiences through a user-centric lens.

You’ll join a small, personalized virtual classroom, combining self-paced coursework and live group sessions, supported by 1:1 and group coaching from expert instructors.

After completing our 10-week course, you will have a strong grasp of UX principles and methodologies and know how to apply these within your project.

Practical Expertise
Marketable Skills
Industry Mentorship
10 weeks (part-time)
Start date:
18th October 2021
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  • Working professionals who want to learn - or brush up on - the fundamentals of UX Design theory and practice.
  • Students who want to develop additional skills and explore one important aspect of an exciting UX career.

Course Overview

In modern design teams and product companies, UX is the ability to critically evaluate strategies and tools in order to define original solutions and creatively solve complex problems of users.

This ten week course is designed to teach you how to approach this. You will learn human-centered design and get confident with user research, data review, ideation, brainstorming, prototyping and testing.


10 weeks


Structured immersive learning

1:1 Coaching

To keep you on track


With tangible outcomes

Learning Approach

We’ve created our 'I Do, We Do, You Do’ learning model because we know it produces the best learning outcomes for you, in the most time-effective way.

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I Do

Individual prep work prior to class and in-class lectures

We do

Live classroom, group-based learning

You Do

Applying new skills to real-world problems
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By the end of this course you’ll:

  • Confidently embrace a human-centered design approach and use independent research methodologies to turn principle into practice
  • Demonstrate a general understanding of human-centric design and the UX process
  • Have working knowledge of concepts around user research, data review, ideation & brainstorming, prototyping and testing
  • Be able to apply all of the above to enhance cross-team collaboration in your current or future workplace!
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The course was great to build a solid UX foundation! We had a diverse group of instructors which helped us learn from different expertise. We also got career support and mentorship sessions from people with different backgrounds in UX, UI and PM.

Selina Patra
UX Design Graduate, 2021

Highly recommend this course for creatives looking to expand their expertise or people who are interested in designing for experiences. The program is also taught by tutors with different backgrounds (e.g. design or development) giving you an all-round education with diverse input.

Hui Shang Toh
UX/UI Design Graduate

Meet Your Instructors

Your class instructors are experienced industry leaders, having worked on hundreds of real-world projects.

All Instructors
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elia Maniscalco


Elia is the Skills Union UX/UI program director. He has worked as a UX instructor at both Flatiron and RED Academy in London, and has spent the last six years consulting as a UX designer for various companies.  Elia holds an MA in Design and Cultural Heritage and is an industrial design graduate.

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Caleb Zarth

UX/UI instructor

Caleb is a lead product designer and UX/UI instructor at Skills Union. He has worked for ten years designing both digital and physical products across fintech, e-commerce, and fashion.

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Rebecca Frearson

UX Design Instructor

Rebecca has recently joined Skills Union as a UX design instructor. She works for News UK as a UX designer and has done since 2018.

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