Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketers are the brains behind how brands best connect with potential customers online.

After completing our 10-week course in digital marketing, you'll be able to confidently plan, execute and optimize the key channels and platforms of a modern digital marketing strategy.

You’ll join a small, personalized virtual classroom, combining self-paced coursework and live group sessions, supported by 1:1 and group coaching from expert instructors.

Practical Expertise
Marketable Skills
Industry Mentorship
10 weeks (part-time)
Start date: 
11th October 2021
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  • This course is great for working professionals who want to learn or brush up on the latest thinking and practice in digital marketing
  • Students who want to develop a working portfolio and explore one growing aspect of a marketing career

Course Overview

Digital marketing has become almost interchangeable with marketing as a whole, and having a functional understanding of each channel is vital for any modern marketer.

In this course you will gain the skills required to grow a brand in a digital world. You will complete real-world projects, collaborate effectively in diverse teams and grow your ability to acquire and engage with customers.


10 weeks


Structured immersive learning

1:1 Coaching

To keep you on track


With tangible outcomes

Learning Approach

We’ve created our ‘I Do, We Do, You Do’ learning model because it produces the best learning outcomes with the most efficient use of your time.

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I Do

Includes prep work before class and in-class lectures

We do

Live classroom, group-based learning

You Do

Applying new skills to real-world problems
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By the end of this course you’ll be able to:

  • Plan, execute, and optimize the key channels and platforms of a modern digital marketing strategy
  • Develop a number of strategic plans, including content marketing, social media, and user onboarding, activation, and customer success
  • Optimize websites and landing pages towards conversion, as well as plan and write SEO-friendly blog posts and web pages
  • Know how to set up and optimize PPC campaigns across Google Ads and Facebook Ads
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I am very privileged to be working with instructors who are industry experts. Each one of them is an expert in their domain which expedites the learning process so that we can be job-ready within a short span of just 6 months.

Tan Meng Jun
UX/UI Design Graduate

Skills Union has equipped me with the necessary skill sets to dive into the world with confidence. Whether you're new to the industry or career switching, their program adapts to the cohort needs. Coupled with industry-experienced mentors, Skills Union is simply a gold standard in learning.

Juddee Legaspi Torres
UX/UI Design Graduate

Meet Your Instructor

Your class instructors are experienced industry leaders, having worked on hundreds of real-world projects.

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Sotirios Seridis


Sotirios is the Skills Union Growth Marketing Program Director. He has worked on a diverse portfolio of local and multi national companies, including Unilever, Volkswagen and Etihad Airways. He holds an MSc in Strategic Marketing and a CAM in Digital Campaign Planning.

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