About Me

Elia Maniscalco is UXPM Programme Director at SkillsUnion. Having started his career as an industrial designer, Elia quickly transitioned into the world of product design, drawing inspiration from the intersection of function and aesthetics.

With over 6 years of experience working on design projects with some of the world's leading brands, from Vanity Fair and Vogue to Voxnest and Samsung, Elia brings a human-centered approach to all of his work.

In recent years, he has spoken on stage about UX and digital design in both London and Milan and has taught as a senior UX design instructor at Flatiron and RED Academy. In 2019, Elia led a complete redesign project for Voxnest, a major player in the podcasting space.

Elia brings a deep passion for education, sharing his love of design and strong technical expertise with the next generation of talented designers as they prepare for the challenges of a fast-paced career in the creative industries.

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