How it works

At Skills Union, we are deeply committed to your success. Our courses are intense but designed to open doors and lead to career opportunities in high-growth tech fields. We're confident that if you work hard and complete our programs, you can not only land a job but build a career you love.

We back our commitment with the "Job Guarantee". Subject to our terms, if you are not offered a "Qualifying Role" (as defined in our terms) within 180 days of graduation from your program, Skill Union will refund 90% of the tuition that you or a third party paid on your behalf and cancel any remaining owned instalments. It's important to note that all students receive the same level of career support alongside our career services team.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the Tuition Refund Guarantee, you must:

  • graduate from your program within the standard duration of the program and complete all course requirements, including working closely with our career support team to complete program requirements.
  • be at least 21 years old by the time you graduate from the program.
  • be a UK citizen and/or have the relevant documentation needed to work in the UK legally.
  • have paid your tuition in full, through instalments or via an approved lender.
  • live in or within a 90 minutes commuting distance of one of our "Approved Locations" listed below.

Approved Locations

  • London

Job Titles

It's important to recognise that job requirements and role titles vary greatly in tech. We expect you to do the necessary research required, and to work alongside our career services team to identify job roles that are suitable for your experience and background. This includes job roles such as, but not limited to:

  • Software Engineering and Web Development programs: Web Developer, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Full Stack Developer, Software Engineer, Computer Programmer, Software Developer, Applications Software Developer, Systems Software Database Administrator, Network and Computer System Administrator, Computer Network Support Specialist
  • Design programs: UX/UI Designer, Product Designer, Designer, Web Designer, UX Researcher, Information Architect, Product Manager
  • Data Science programs: Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Operations Analyst
  • Digital Marketing programs: Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Associate, Social Media Manager, Email Marketing Specialist, Marketing Assistant, Social Media Specialist, Digital Marketing Analyst, Email Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Analyst

Post-Graduation Requirements

We expect you to fully commit to the job search, actively seeking guidance from the career services team and working hard to develop your personal brand. We require you to engage in the job search process as a professional and to implement recommendations from your career coach. To ensure your eligibility for the job guarantee, you must:

  • Check-in with your career coach by phone, email or Slack at least once a week or as outlined by your assigned career coach.
  • Track all your job search activity via Huntr, Otta or a similar approved alternative.
  • Reply within one business day to your career coach, to maximise their ability to guide you towards a suitable role.
  • Collaborate with your career coach to create your personalised job search plan approved by your coach.
  • Apply to at least 10 relevant and appropriate position that is suitable for your level of experience each week, at least three of which come through personalised outreach on LinkedIn or similar medium.
  • Attend at least 5 non-recurring, non-Skills Union sponsored networking events, including meetups, conferences and job fair each month.
  • Maintain clear records of all job search activities, including confirmation emails and registration verification.

Your Guarantee

Possible situations that may void this guarantee include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. You withdraw from the program.
  2. You opt-out of receiving support from our career services team.
  3. You do not pass any mock interviews or complete your capstone project review after two attempts.
  4. You do not actively search for relevant job roles.
  5. You turn down an offer for a "Qualifying Role".
  6. You choose to start your own business or work as a freelancer.
  7. You do not have the required documentation to legally work in an "Approved Location".
  8. You behave in a manner that violates Skills Union's Code of Conduct as outlined in your student contract.

Tuition Refund Request

If you have graduated from a Skills Union program, have met all of the necessary eligibility requirements and have conducted a professional job search whilst adhering to guidance from your career coach and have not received an offer for a "Qualifying Role" within 180 days of completing your program, you may request a refund of your tuition. Requests must be made in writing and submitted to your assigned career coach within thirty days of the 180 days window ending.