How it works

Get help from an employer if the course is relevant to a job that you are doing or have been offered (upon your graduation, for example).

  • Upon submission of your course application you will receive an invitation to interview with our admissions team.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of your admissions interview you will be offered the opportunity to secure your place on the programme.
  • Discuss with your employer the benefits of enrolling on the course.

Our Guide to Employer Sponsorship

  1. If you'd like to ask your employer to fund your professional development, you will need to provide a supporting case as to why your selected course is right for you, and how this will improve your performance within your team or positively impact your organisation.
  2. Spend some time detailing the skills you will learn throughout the duration of the course and how they will improve a specific process or operation within your organisation.
  3. Speak to your employer, management or HR team to identify how they can support you as you kick-start the next stage of your career.