Online Back-End Software Engineering Course

If you dream of a challenging career in tech, this immersive, career-focused programme will transform you into a “production-ready” professional back-end software engineer in 12 weeks of evening and weekend training.

This course is accredited by Ravensbourne University London and worth Postgraduate 30 credits.

High-Growth Career
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What Makes Us Different?
  • University Accredited: Stackable into a master's degree
  • Cohort-Based Active Learning: Flexible & online
  • Introductory Week: Join week one and if you don't love the experience we'll refund the rest of your programme fee – no questions asked.

A Career in Back-End Software Engineering EMEA

Software is ubiquitous and critical in almost every facet of the knowledge economy. As a result, industry’s demand for back-end software engineering skills are insatiable. In this course, we will teach you to be an independent engineer armed with both the practical skills and experience to build the complete back-end of web and mobile applications. On completion of this course, you’ll be ready to start work in this field and begin shaping, improving and building the digital world we live in.

Unlock doors with industry contacts and career support

Your Skills Advisor will guide you through a process, designed to kick-start your tech career – developing your professional-grade portfolio through challenging projects that solve real-world problems, preparing you for technical interviews and giving you the confidence to succeed.

Job Guarantee


Course Content

Build your professional-grade GitHub portfolio

You'll learn the fundamentals of back-end programming, from Javascript and Python foundations, frameworks and APIs, all the way through to building out the back-end of advanced applications using the same technology used in the world's fastest growing technology companies – from Facebook and Google, to Uber and Stripe.

Admissions Challenge

At your own pace

Course Summary

12 weeks

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I am very privileged to be working with instructors who are industry experts and I have gained a lot of useful skillsets by learning from them. Every one of them are experts in their own domain which expedites the learning process so that we can be job-ready within a short span of 6 months.

Tan Meng Jun
UX/UI Design Graduate

Skills Union has equipped me with the necessary skill sets to dive into the world with confidence. Whether you're new to the industry or career switching, their program adapts to the cohort needs. Coupled with industry-experienced mentors, Skills Union is simply a gold standard in learning.

Juddee Legaspi Torres
UX/UI Design Graduate

Learning Experience

Step into your immersive online classroom

Our interactive classroom is powered by Class and is the engine behind our student’s success, mirroring the real-world learning experience and allowing you to put your new skills to practice. 
Aula further enhances your ability to collaborate with both your instructors and classmates.

Earn 30 credits towards your master's degree

On completion of the course your achievements are recognised with 30 master’s level credits from Ravensbourne University London – a validated credential that employers trust.

Meet Your Instructors

Your class instructors are experienced industry leaders, having worked on hundreds of real-world projects.

All Instructors

Usman Bashir

Software Engineering Programme Director

An experienced tech consultant, team lead, and educator.

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